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Wildlife Fact Sheets

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                Alligators, Crocodiles
                            Alligator, American
                            Crocodile, Nile
                            Bullfrog, American
                            Gecko, Tokay
                            Gila Monster
                            Iguana, Green
                            Komodo Dragon
                Salamanders, Newts
                            Salamander, Fire
                            Black Mamba
                            Boa Constrictor
                            Green Anaconda
                            King Cobra
                            Rattlesnake, Western Diamondback
                            Snake, Common Garter
                            Snake, Eastern Coral
                            Toad, Cane
                            Tortoise, Giant
                            Terrapin, Diamondback
                            Turtle, Green Sea

    Aquatic Creatures

                            Crab, Fiddler
                            Crab, Horseshoe
                            Crab, Robber
                            Leech, Medicinal


                            Albatross, Black-Browed
                            Albatross, Wandering
                            Albatross, Waved
                            Puffin, Atlantic
                Birds of Prey
                            Eagle, Bald
                            Eagle, Steppe
                            Falcon, Peregrine
                            Goshawk, Northern
                            Owl, Barn
                            Owl, Buffy Fish
                            Owl, European Eagle
                            Owl, Great Horned
                            Owl, Short-Eared
                Cranes and Rails
                Cuckoos, Turacos and Hoatzin
                            Cuckoo, Common
                            Road Runner, Greater
                Emus, Ostriches and Kiwis
                            Kiwi, Brown
                Flightless Birds
                            Penguin, Chinstrap
                            Penguin, Emperor
                            Penguin, Galapagos
                            Penguin, Gentoo
                Game Birds
                            Turkey, Wild
                Gulls and Terns
                            Inca Tern
                            Kittiwake, Black-legged
                Herons and Egrets
                            Egret, Cattle
                            Heron, Black-Crowned Night
                            Heron, Great Blue
                            Hummingbird, Ruby-Throated
                Parrots, Lories and Cockatoos
                            Macaw, Scarlet
                Peacocks and Turkeys
                Pelicans and their relatives
                            Booby, Blue-footed
                            Cormorant, Great
                            Pelican, Brown
                            Pelican, Eastern (Great) White
                            Dove, Rock
                Plovers and Sandpipers
                Rollers and Hoopoes
                            Bird of Paradise
                            Blue Jay
                            Chickadee, Black-Capped
                            Crow, American
                            Mockingbird, Northern
                            Raven, Common
                            Robin, American
                            Sparrow, House
                            Starling, Common
                            Swallow, Barn
                            Wren, Winter
                Storks, Spoonbills and Vultures
                            Stork, Marabou
                            Stork, White
                            Vulture, Turkey
                Swans, Geese and Ducks
                            Duck, Mandarin
                            Duck, Ruddy
                            Eider, Common
                            Goose, Canada
                            Shoveler, Northern
                            Toco Toucan


                Anemone Fish
                Fish, Other
                            Basslet, Fairy
                            Crappie, Black
                            Shark, Silver
                            Piranha, Red-Bellied
                Seahorses, Pipefish
                            Sea Horse
                Sharks, Skates, Rays
                            Ray, Manta
                            Shark, Great White
                            Shark, Scalloped Hammerhead
                            Shark, Silky
                            Shark, Silvertip
                            Shark, Whale


                Bees and Wasps
                            Wasp, Common
                Butterflies and Moths
                            Butterfly, Monarch
                Crickets and Grasshoppers
                            Earwig, Common
                            Orchid Mantid (Praying Mantis)
                Spiders, Scorpions
                            Spider, Black Widow


                Aardvarks, Elephants, Hippos, Hyraxes, Rhinos
                            Elephant, African
                            Elephant, Asian
                            Hippopotamus, Pygmy
                            Hyrax, Rock
                            Rhinoceros, Black
                            Rhinoceros, Indian
                            Rhinoceros, Javan
                            Rhinoceros, White
                Anteaters, Armadillos and Sloths
                            Anteater, Giant
                            Anteater, Silky
                            Armadillo, Nine-Banded
                            Sloth, Two-toed
                Badgers and Skunks
                            Badger, American
                            Badger, European
                            Bat, Bulldog
                            Bat, Eastern Red
                            Bat, Mouse-eared
                            Bat, Vampire
                            Indian Flying Fox
                            Bear, Black
                            Bear, Grizzly
                            Bear, Polar
                            Bear, Sun
                            Panda, Giant
                            Panda, Red
                            Dog, African Wild
                            Fox, Arctic
                            Fox, Bat-eared
                            Fox, Grey
                            Fox, Red
                            Wolf, Grey
                            Wolf, Maned
                Civet and Mongoose Family
                            Mongoose, Indian Grey
                Egg-laying Mammals
                            Echidna, Common
                            Platypus, Duckbill
                            Leopard, Clouded
                            Leopard, Snow
                            Tiger, Bengal
                            Tiger, Siberian
                            Wildcat, European
                Hedgehogs, Moles, Shrews and Tenrecs
                            Shrew, Elephant
                            Tenrec, Common
                Hoofed Animals
                            Antelope, Sable
                            Buffalo, African
                            Camel, Bactrian
                            Camel, Dromedary
                            Deer, Chinese Water
                            Deer, Mule
                            Deer, Pere Davidís
                            Deer, White-tailed
                            Dik-dik, Guentherís
                            Eland, Common
                            Gazelle, Dorcas
                            Gazelle, Thomson's
                            Goat, Mountain
                            Hog, Giant Forest
                            Horse, Przewalski's
                            Ibex, Alpine
                            Kudu, Greater
                            Ox, Musk
                            Peccary, Collared
                            Serow, Japanese
                            Sheep, Barbary
                            Sheep, Bighorn
                            Tapir, South American
                            Zebra, Mountain
                            Zebra, Plains
                Hyena Family
                            Hyena, Spotted
                            Bilby, Greater
                            Cuscus, Spotted
                            Kangaroo, Red
                            Opossum, Virginia
                            Possum, Common Ringtail
                            Possum, Honey
                            Wallaby, Red-necked
                            Wallaby, Whiptail
                            Wolf, Tasmanian
                            Wombat, Common
                            Ape, Barbary
                            Baboon, Hamadryas
                            Baboon, Savanna
                            Bushbaby, Lesser
                            Colobus, Eastern Black-And-White
                            Gibbon, Siamang
                            Gibbon, White-Handed
                            Lemur, Brown
                            Lemur, Flying
                            Lemur, Ring-tailed
                            Lemur, Ruffed
                            Lemur, Sportive
                            Monkey, Proboscis
                            Monkey, Red Howler
                            Monkey, Rhesus
                            Monkey, Vervet
                            Tamarin, Golden Lion
                Rabbits and Hares
                            Hare, Arctic
                            Jackrabbit, Black-tailed
                            Rabbit, Eastern Cottontail
                            Rabbit, European
                Raccoon Family
                            Chipmunk, Eastern
                            Chipmunk, Least
                            Gopher, Pocket
                            Hamster, Common
                            Hare, Spring
                            Lemming, Norway
                            Marmot, Vancouver Island
                            Mouse, House
                            Mouse, Old World Harvest
                            Mouse, Wood
                            Porcupine, North American
                            Prairie Dog, Black-tailed
                            Rat, Norway
                            Squirrel, European
                            Squirrel, Grey
                            Squirrel, Northern Flying
                            Squirrel, Red
                            Squirrel, Southern Flying
                            Vole, Water
                Sea Mammals
                            Otter, Sea
                            Sea Lion, Galapagos
                            Seal, Fur
                            Seal, Harbor
                            Seal, Harp
                            Seal, Leopard
                            Seal, Monk
                            Seal, Northern Elephant
                            Whale, Beluga
                            Whale, Blue
                            Whale, Bowhead
                            Whale, False Killer
                            Whale, Grey
                            Whale, Humpback
                            Whale, Right
                Weasel Family
                            Mink, American
                            Skunk, Striped
                            Weasel, Least